5 Must See’s

Masjid Nabawi - the Prophet’s Mosque, where devout Muslims offer prayers. Men are permitted to visit the Prophet’s burial site and pay respects throughout the day. Women may only visit after dawn or afternoon prayers, where they will be taken in groups according to their country of origin.
Jannatul Baqi - a huge graveyard, where most of the Prophet’s family members and companions are buried.
Mount Uhud - a mountain in the north of Medina and the site of the second battle between the Muslims and Meccan forces.
Masjid Qiblatayen - at this mosque, the Prophet was ordered by Allah to turn his face from Masjid Aqsa in Jerusalem to the Kaaba in Makkah while offering prayers.
Masjid Quba - the first mosque of Islam and oldest in the world.

5 Must See’s

Abraj Al Bait, also referred to as the Makkah Royal Hotel Clock Tower, is a government-owned building complex that holds several world records, the tallest clock tower in the world and largest clock face among them. In 2012, the complex’s hotel tower became the world’s second tallest.
Jabal Al Noor, or the Mountain of Light, while not part of the traditional Hajj ritual is still an important site.Sitting atop the mountain is the famous Her’aa Grotto, where Muslims believe the Prophet first had the Quran revealed to him.
The Makkah Museum is a new attraction that was recently built by the Saudi Government in a bid to retain the old heritage of both Islam and the Holy City.
MaktabetMakkah is a public library located near the Marva Gate and Al Haram Mosque. It is said to have been built on the site of the house in which the Prophet Muhammad was born.
Mina Tent City - Used by pilgrims during their pilgrimage, this city, which is close to Makkah, has 100,000 tents. But don’t be fooled by their appearances; these tents are all Teflon-coated and have air-conditioning. You have to see it to believe it.

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